1. What is the difference between the 5-Minute Kids™ Program Manual and the 5-Minute Kids™ Therapy Series??

The 5-Minute Kids™ manual explains how to implement the program. It contains information on writing IEPs and scheduling sessions. It includes forms for organizing student data, keeping attendance and documenting progress.

The 5-Minute Kids™ therapy series is a collection of six books focusing on specific sounds: R, S/Z, L, SH/CH, K/G, F/V/TH. Each book contains drill lists, data charts, simple games and other activities.

2. What do I need to purchase?

It depends on your needs. If you want a "how to" guide for implementing the 5-Minute Kids™ program, the 5-Minute Kids™ manual would be beneficial. If you already know how you want to structure your schedule and program, but want drill materials and ideas for the therapy session, the 5-Minute therapy series would be helpful.

3. What does a session "look like"?

The speech pathologist has all materials on a cart. Speech can be conducted "in the hallway" on chairs borrowed from a nearby classroom. Other options may include rooms that are not being used at the time or the therapy room if it is close by. The speech pathologist reviews the previous session with the child, selects a goal for the day, drills on the sounds with the child, assigns a homework sheet, and the child returns to class.

4. What does a session "sound like"?

"Hello! We have been working on S in the beginning of words, and you got 95% correct last time. Let's try S at the end of words today. Ready?


...... That was great. You said 70% of those words correctly. Please practice this list of words with your family. See you tomorrow!"

5. How can I begin to implement this program?

Try starting with just one group. Take each child individually during the time you would normally see that group of students. Then let the program "grow" from there. It may be helpful to start with a teacher who is receptive and may be enthusiastic to new ideas.

6. So, what can you DO in 5 minutes?

You can:

  • Name 117 pictures
  • Repeat 157 words
  • Repeat 125 phrases
  • Create 35 sentences
This information can illustrate how productive a 5 minute session can be.

7. How can I provide "5 minute therapy" when I service more than one building each week?

The data collected on this program documents success when a child is scheduled only a few times per week. The number of sessions is based on the student's needs. If you are assigned to a building 2 days a week, the student could be serviced in the morning AND the afternoon, resulting in up to 16 sessions per month.

8. What do parents say about this program?

Parents seem to LOVE this program and are pleased that their child only misses a few minutes out of the classroom. Often when a child is first enrolled in speech, the parents' first concern seems to be: "What will my child be missing when they come to speech?" It is wonderful to answer that question with "They will not be missing anything!"

9. What do you say to parents at the IEP?

"We started a new program for our speech students, and we have had wonderful success. Instead of Natalie being scheduled for two, 30 minute group sessions, I will be seeing her for 5-10 minutes individually several times a week. Natalie will have the opportunity to practice her sounds an average of 100 times in a 5 minute session. Also, all of my time will be devoted to Natalie, instead of having her wait for her turn when I work with someone else. The data from this program has shown that children are dismissed from speech approximately 9 months sooner than students receiving group therapy twice weekly. It is so important for children to be in the classroom as much time as possible, and by using this program, she will spend approximately 49 more hours in the classroom than she would if she was enrolled in group therapy for two 30 minute sessions weekly."

10. What if parents will not agree?

Show them the data (chart on the website) which documents that students achieve their goals in approximately half the number of months in therapy when compared to group therapy services and spend a significant amount of more time in the classroom.

11. Do the teachers like the 5 Minute program?

Teachers have remarked that they love the 5-Minute Kids™ program because the children do not miss classroom instruction and they do not have to "re-teach" lessons that the students missed while attending speech.

12. What are some of the advantages of the 5 Minute Kids program?

  • Increased number of responses in each session
  • Fewer costs in materials
  • No lesson planning
  • No time spent copying worksheets
  • No behavior problems in class
  • If a student is busy, you can see other students, and return in a few minutes.

13. Can I bill Medicaid for sessions?

It depends. Sometimes sessions are billable if the law states "up to 15 minute increments." Medicaid is governed by the states, so you would need to check if your administration allows billing for speech therapy using this model.

14. What is the difference between the 5-Minute Therapy Series books and the 5-Minute Therapy Series CD version?

The two sets of materials are identical except that the games included in the books are in color on the CD version.

15. Is the Games CD also compatible with a MAC computer?

Yes it is.

16. Do I pay for shipping?

Shipping is free in the United States. There will be an additional cost for International orders. Customers should contact 5-Minute Kids™ for shipping fees. E mail speechlady@charter.net

17. Are you a Sole Source Provider or do you have a New Jersey Business Certificate?

No. If this is an issue, 5-Minute Kids™ products can be ordered from Great Ideas for Teaching, Janelle Publications and Speech Corner.

18. Can this program be used for goals other than speech sounds?

Absolutely. This program adapts to any goals which require individual practice. It can be used for verb tenses, pronouns or other grammatical structures as well as fluency.

19. Are there goals that 5-Minute Kids™ would not be recommended?

Students who have language processing difficulties or general language goals or language related curriculum issues might be better serviced in a group setting or in the classroom.

20. Do the sessions HAVE to be 5 minutes?

No. It is the concept of scheduling individual sessions which is important. By scheduling short (5 minute) sessions, it allows the SLP more time slots to schedule students in the day. A session can be 5 minutes or more depending on the student's goals. In the case of a fluency student, he/she may require 4-5 15 minute sessions per week which may be easier to schedule when using the 5-Minute model in the program.

21. How can I order?

You can place an order by using one of these options:

  • Mail a check and the order form to 3580 Crestwood Drive Lapeer MI 48446.
  • Place an order by phone with a credit card at 810-664-5388
  • Order from the website via Paypal
  • Send a purchase order by:
    • Mailing to the above address,
    • Emailing to speechlady@charter.net,
    • Faxing to 810-356-5445