A welcome addition to the family of the previous 5-Minuteā„¢ Therapy books, this NEW, UNIQUE, stand-alone book follows the same format as the first six books with 5-minute drill lists and activities for producing VOCALIC /R/ words. Targeted sounds include /AR/, /ER/, /OR/, /AIR/, /OUR/, /IRE/, /EAR/ and recurring vocalic /R/. This activity book includes:

  • Repetition drills for maximum opportunities to practice sounds
  • Word banks of 25 - 50 words in the initial, medial and final positions (when appropriate).Data collection sheets to record responses for each vocalic /R/ sound at the WORD, PHRASE and SENTENCE level.
  • Reading lists for each vocalic /R/ sound at the word, phrase and sentence-level.
  • Games for 5-Minute Therapy, including the popular ENVELOPE GAMES for each targeted sound.
  • Challenge sentences that include multiple vocalic /R/ sounds for older students.
  • Homework activities for each targeted sound.
  • Prepared percentage charts to calculate production

5-Minute Vocalic R Sample Pages

Download and print the following sample pages: